About Aquiferium

The Aquiferium began as a concept shortly after seeing a presentation by Dr. Suzanne Pierce (University of Texas at Austin) and viewing the MCSDSS application created by the Heat Seeker team for the Encompass Project.

“I believe such an interactive module would not only immediately educate and inform people within our jurisdiction, but could potentially serve as a resource and tool for policy makers as well. The potential seems evident that such a device could be used to demonstrate complicated data (such as modeled outputs) in a manner that is easy to understand for the layperson – which could foster more meaningful discussion during the decision-making process. The Edwards Aquifer Authority looks forward to exploring the possibility of working collaboratively on such a valuable opportunity to motivate, educate, and inspire people about the vitality and fragility of our groundwater resources and the Edwards Aquifer.”

Marc Friberg
Executive Director Public Policy & External Affairs
Edwards Aquifer Authority

The Aquiferium is designed to engage audiences within the Edwards Aquifer region, specifically the San Antonio (or Southern) segment of the Balcones Fault Zone Edwards Aquifer. Envisioned as a science education platform, Aquiferium is comprised of interactive and gesture-enabled applications with a focus on priority content defined by the EAA. Over time, resources from the EAA website and educational program will be incorporated, or linked, into the Aquiferium. Additional items such as Aquifer careers, Timeline, Photo and Video galleries will be created and housed on the EAA website for access through the touchscreen portal.

The Aquiferium is best experienced at a 1280x1024 screen resolution or higher.

Developed by Encompass Labs in collaboration with the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

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