Intelligent Systems
Ground Water Decision Support System

Groundwater Decision Support System (GWDSS) is an application designed to aid group decision making about groundwater problems. GWDSS links science-based and participation-based research, incorporating both through use of finite difference modeling of groundwater, systems dynamics models of bio-physical and sociotechnical aspects and non-classical optimization to identify high performance solutions. While the GWDSS approach and application targets groundwater systems, the tools, methodologies, engagement practices and lessons learned can be readily applied to other watersheds and environmental management problems.

GWDSS Philosophy

The GWDSS program and case applications have been developed using the basic tenets and philosophy described below.

  • Enabling informed decision making under heightened uncertainty (e.g., development of decision support systems, visualization tools, infrastructure investment strategies, need for adaptive, iterative process, and how each issue fits with all the other issues decision makers must address).
  • Assessment of climate change impacts in light of technical issues and other water management drivers (e.g., understanding limitations of models, use of systems and system dynamic models, case studies of using downscaled models and risk-based probability models, indirect factors affecting future water demand, impacts of changing demographics, land use patterns, potential for species and human migration, identifying and utilizing water quantity/quality, biological and community "tipping points" to drive adaption).
  • Developing robust and flexible adaptive management approaches (e.g., going beyond traditional engineering solutions, multi-disciplinary and watershed approaches, opportunities and barriers for unconventional approaches, influence of socioeconomic in addition to physical factors, designing flexible systems with knowledge that design standards may change before or soon after project completion, increasing our understanding and use of ecosystem functions and other green technologies).
Additional Resources
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